How fascinating is the world of wine? Very, very much. Behind a glass there is a world to discover and a story to tell. There is the story of its origins, of the people who produced it, of the lands that generated it, of the territory in which it was born. Tales of people and places that intertwine giving life to a choral story that aims to enhance and promote the territory in which it was born.

In recent years, as we have already seen on the occasion of the interview with Roberta Garibaldi, more and more people choose food and wine experiences during their travels, as they allow them to fully immerse themselves in the territory and its culture. Travelers today are looking for suggestions and sensory experiences, they want to touch the life of the company, get to know the production methods and the history of the winemakers closely, participate in the company's activity, taste the product of their work, and discover the surrounding places. A trend destined to grow more and more.

In Italy, since 1993, the Wine Tourism Movement is committed to enhancing and promoting the culture of wine through a series of projects and initiatives throughout Italy that have contributed to increasing interest in wine tourism. Over the years it has become a very important reality and a point of reference for operators in the sector. We thought we would investigate the role of the association in this interview.   


cantine aperte
Cantine Aperte


    1. What does the Wine Tourism Movement represent and what are its main activities?

    The Movimento Turismo del Vino was born in 1993, on the happy intuition of D.ssa Donatella Cinelli Colombini, for promote the culture of wine through visits to the places of production. For this reason, in the same year, the day of Open Cellars that, since then, has led Italy to have about four million wine tourists.

    MTV wants raise awareness of the wineries' activities and products adherents and offer an example of how you can doing business respecting traditions, of the protection of the environment and quality agriculture.

    The Association currently counts about 800 of the most prestigious wineries in Italy, selected on the basis of specific requirements, first of all that of the quality of wine tourism.

    Currently chaired by Nicola D'Auria the Wine Tourism Movement is an Association that has always look to the future and which over time has become a point of reference for operators in the sector. Today even more, it is characterized by it spirit of innovation representing, for the various associated realities, an effective tool for enhancing its production, guaranteeing the protection of the environment and promoter of a lifestyle that puts the guest at the center of attention.

    In order to bring more and more people closer to the world of wine, MTV has created other major events around Cantine Aperte: Goblets of Stars, Welcome Harvest, San Martino in the Cellar and Christmas in the Cellar. Each of these opportunities has the visit to the Cellar, the heart of the enhancement process of the rural heritage of the area. Wine, thanks to the work of the MTV Members, today has a social value, it is an instrument capable of guaranteeing, if shared, a great economic development.


    2. In recent years, Italian and foreign tourists' interest in experiential tourism has grown, immersive activities in direct contact with local companies. Projects and digital are born that allow a complete immersion in the wine world. What do you think of this trend and what do you think are the future scenarios of wine tourism?

    Wine tourism is now a consolidated and impressive reality, a solid product with excellent growth bases. Today's wine tourist wants not only to stroll through the vineyards, to breathe the scents of the harvest, touch the life of the company, in an approach to the world of wine increasingly characterized by a search for suggestions and sensorial experiences that become part of one's cultural background, but also know the territory in which the company cultivates its history and traditions. The Wine Tourism Movement has like objectives to implement food and wine tourism, put in place professionalism, imagination and creativity to improve programs already outlined over the years and organize from time to time initiatives that ensure the public a unique experience to live and tell

    3. Cantine Aperte 2021, after a year and a half of pandemic. How did it go?

    Excellent results in qualitative terms. Fewer presences, given the need to limit admissions, but the level of wine lovers is high.

      4. With the pandemic, many companies have organized themselves by putting on virtual tasting experiences to keep the relationship with their public alive. What do you think about the use of digital technology for the promotion of wine tourism?

      The decidedly experiential and direct nature of the visit to the cellar has not found an advantage in online tastings.


      5. Foreigners' interest in the world of Italian wine is increasingly growing. Are there populations more interested in wine tourism in our country? Who exactly?

      Difficult to make such an estimate at this time. The pandemic blocked international flow for two years. AND all back under construction. But we certainly expect global growth in interest.

      We thank Grazia D'Agata of Wine Tourism Movement for this interesting interview. To be updated on the initiatives we suggest you follow the page Facebook and profile Instagram. We remind you that until October the "Cellars open during the harvest", a program full of events that will allow you to discover many wineries. TO this link find the calendar with all the events.



      The Wine Tourism Movement, born in 1993, is a non-profit association that counts about 1000 of the most prestigious wineries in Italy, selected on the basis of specific requirements. First of all, that of the quality of the enotourist welcome.

      With its constant commitment, the Wine Tourism Movement aims to increase the national wine tourism sector, which represents a fundamental economic resource for the development of the territories and an effective tool for environmental protection.

      In fact, the Movement wants wine tourists, on the one hand, raise awareness of the business and cellar products adherents, on the other hand, offer an example of how this can be done do business respecting traditions, environmental protection and quality agriculture. 

      Several events that the Wine Tourism Movement organizes throughout the year throughout Italy, first of all “Open Cellars", Scheduled for the last Sunday of May,"Open Cellars in Harvest"In September and October,"Chalices under the Stars“, “Cellars at Christmas“.

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