How many times, passing through the remains of ancient Rome, have you tried to imagine what the city was like 2000 years ago, how the places were organized, what were they for, how did people live? Many times, right? Each of us will surely have let their imaginations fly. What if we told you that today this dive into the past is possible, thanks to the help of technology? The startup in Rome Invisible Cities has just put a special technology VR visor free inside a bus, which allows you to discover and admire how ancient Rome was 2000 years ago, without the aid of helmets or glasses. 3D reconstruction is made visible directly by OLED screens superimposed on the windows of the bus that allow you to admire the beauties of today and compare them with those of the past. 

Virtual Reality Bus is the name of the bus in which this special technology was installed: active in Rome until last July 31, it allowed visitors to make a travel through time and space, Without precedents.

A innovative way of promoting cultural heritage, certainly more engaging, interactive and fun than the classic city tours by bus, but above all more interesting because it can offer many ideas for further information.



The VR Bus it is the first Virtual Reality Bus to travel through time made by Italian visual effects specialists, under the supervision of archaeological curators. It was born from the passion of a team of young local talents, selected by the creative factory Arsenal 23, who developed the idea and launched this unique and special project that offers visitors an immersive experience without the use of viewers.

MOVX is the name of the patent, unique in the world, put precisely by the startup Invisible Cities, through which the real movements of the VR Bus are transferred, perfectly synchronizing them in the reconstructed virtual space, geolocating the Bus and all the architectural works along the way. The users on board thus have the physical sensation of actually traveling in the Imperial Rome of 2000 years ago.


But it doesn't stop there. Did you know that the Ancient Romans burned essences in honor of the gods, to pray to them and make them propitious? They also loved to perfume themselves three times a day and saw in the perfume a symbol of good luck. The scent element is also important for the VR Bus. To make the experience more interactive, in addition to the music on board, a automated system for the release of pleasant fragrances, specially designed to evoke the character and identity of some historical places of the route, thus allowing participants a total immersion in the atmosphere of Imperial Forums, the Colosseum, the Palatine Hill, the Circus Maximus and the Theater of Marcellus.


The VR Bus loves nature! Such an original and innovative project could not fail to contemplate the theme of environmental sustainability. The bus is in fact totally electric, in full respect of the environment and the surrounding places, has the speed of a scooter and is small in size. It has in fact available sixteen seats (two of which are intended for accompanying persons) and the journey takes about twenty minutes.


The Virtual Reality Bus is therefore an interesting novelty in the tourism and cultural field that promotes an innovative way of enhancing the archaeological and cultural heritage increasingly focused on interactivity and involvement.


Promoted by Roma Culture, Capitoline Superintendence for Cultural Heritage in collaboration with the Archaeological Park of the Colosseum and with the organizational support of Zètema Culture Project, the exhibition Imperial Rome - Virtual Reality Bus was active until July 31, 2022 in Rome.


We hope that the Virtual Reality Bus can start again as soon as possible in Rome and, why not, also in other places in Italy.




virtual reality bus
virtual reality bus



Virtual Reality Bus was made by Invisible Cities, innovative start-up created by Arsenale 23 with the support of Linkem and the involvement of the best visual effects specialists in Italy and under the supervision of archaeological curators. For more information