Can using the game to make a territory known be an effective way to go? Today we talk to you about "ITALY. Land of Wonders ", the video game to download for free on your smartphone, which you tells Italy with its cultural heritage and its wonders. Launched last year, it was created by the Italian developer Infinity Reply and issued by the Farnesina.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation wanted to bet on a innovative and fun way to make known and promote the beauties of Italy in the world especially to the youngest and to foreigners. In fact, the video game was also designed for schools and is especially suitable for a foreign public who wants to discover our country and learn the language.

"ITALY. Land of Wonders ". Discover Italy while having fun


What does the video game consist of? The story begins with Elio, an elderly lighthouse keeper, which every morning must "light" the sun that shines on Italy, using 20 sparks recovered during the night from 20 Italian regions. The player will have to help him recover the sparks, so as to turn on the lighthouse and allow the sun to shine again. The search for sparks is a real trip to the places of Italy, in which the player will be accompanied by 5 keepers and that is by Nature, Gastronomy, Art, Entertainment and Design (the Italian sectors par excellence).

To achieve the goal, the player must overcome 100 puzzle game levels, each of which reconstructs the symbolic places of Italy in 3D. An exciting route in stages, across seas and mountains, cities and castles, villages, traditions, myths and legends of our country. There are over 600 texts containing characters, stories and curiosities about Italy.

The video game is very simple, with repetitive moves and with colorful and impactful graphics, which is why it is also very suitable for children and teenagers.

And, on a self-respecting journey to discover Italy, he couldn't miss it the music, another highlight of the Italian heritage. To frame the video game, there are the great classics of Italian music, from melodrama to baroque to famous soundtracks.



In short, returning to the initial question, surely "ITALY. Land of Wonders”Offers a fun, interactive and engaging way to get to know and learn something more about Italy to those who already know it but also and above all to those who want to discover it and improve their knowledge of the Italian language. So it could be an interesting and effective promotion of Italy and its culture in the world. We would like to understand how it has been used especially by schools and to know the feedback.


The video game of the Farnesina represents another example in which theinnovation is at the service of culture making the rich Italian heritage usable and accessible to all, especially to a younger audience.


Totally free, it is available in 11 languages worldwide in versions for iOS And Android, smartphone and tablet.