Innovaturism is the new announcement of Chamber system Lombard in support of the tour operators of the region.

From 2.00 pm of 30 June 2022 at 12.00 on 30 September 2022 it is possible to present the request, exclusively in telematic mode, on the Telemachus portal,  with digital signature. 

The announcement Innovaturism has the goal of favor the resumption of tourism in Lombardy, through support for businesses and business partnerships, to improve tourist use, the services offered, encourage sustainability and strengthen the hospitality supply chains.

There financial endowment of the announcement is of 370.000€ broken down between the provinces of Lombardy in this way: 

  • Bergamo: € 90,000
  • Brescia: € 30,000
  • Como - Lecco: € 50,000
  • Cremona: € 20,000
  • Mantua: € 20,000
  • Milan Monza Brianza Lodi: € 100,000
  • Varese: € 60,000

L'facilitation of the Innovaturismo Call provides for the assignment of contributions a lost fund of 60% of eligible expenses, net of VAT (except in cases where it is not recoverable in any way).

The Minimum value of presentable projects is of 10,000 euros for the individual businesses And 25.000 euro for the partnerships.

Labor taxes maximum assignable to each proposal are 60 thousand euros for single companies, as far as 120 thousand euros for submitted projects from aggregations of supply chain. Only the expenses incurred by the companies contribute to the calculation for the purpose of disbursement of the contribution.

What the announcement finances


  • Solutions that demonstrate the ability of improve the use of tourist experiences and cultural heritage and to diversify, branch, enhance and make accessible, also through digital, the tourist offer.
  • Solutions capable of make the whole tourist experience safer, from the time of booking to re-departure.
  • Solutions aimed at increase the quantity and quality of available data and improve their use for communication and marketing activities and optimization of internal processes
  • Solutions aimed at increase environmental sustainability of the services offered