The musical events constitute an extraordinary cultural heritage e a tourist resource important in many countries. Just think of the big festivals how's that of Salzburg, that it attracts nearly 250,000 visitors every year from all over the world, the Sònar of Barcelona or the Street Parade in Zurich, one of the major European electronic music festivals or Dekmatel in Croatia or Burning Man in Nevada, which attract thousands and thousands of fans every year. And so it happens that the music becomes an excellent travel opportunity, the excuse to visit cities, museums, explore new places and learn about new cultures and traditions. Think for a moment about the economic induced that creates a great event like the ones mentioned above! Not to mention the enormous visibility that today, thanks to the use of social networks, Instagram and TikTok in the first place, destinations can reach in a short time.


Italy is no exception. There are many cities that have become known to the general public thanks to music festivals: Sanremo primarily, Melpignano for the Night of the Taranta, Perugia for Umbria Jazz. And recently we also saw it with Eurovision Song Contest 2022 which, in addition to attracting thousands of fans, thanks to social networks, has brought Turin and all of Italy around the world.



Eventi musicali
Eventi musicali

Eurovision Song Contest 2022: some data

According to the data of the Regional Tourist Observatory, the tourist balance was more than positive: it was del 68% the increase in overnight stays compared to the same period in 2019. Over 40%, foreigners. The 57% of visitors said they came to Turin for Eurovision and the 70% visited at least one of the city's museums. For the 56% of tourists, Eurovision was an opportunity for visit Turin for the first time and almost all (the 90%) he said he wanted to come back a second time. All interesting data that reaffirm the value that such a musical event can give to a territory.


Eurovision was also a social success

For this great musical event, social media were decisive and contributed to bringing the beauties of Turin and Italy around the world and increasing its visibility. The social channels used by the bodies involved in the promotion have reached a total of 2.4 million people. The site has registered over 27 thousand users (+ 135,96% compared to the same period last year) and totaled over 35 thousand visits (+ 146,89%). The stories reached 145,126 accounts; i reel 751,739 views, 54,612 likes, 790 comments and 110 saves. The brand new Turin Pocket Lonely Planet guide, from 4 to 14 May, was downloaded as a free download by 25,000 users. The whole thing was amplified by the brand new Enit campaign that he has achieved over 5 million social views in one day and 380 thousand impressions. Scream numbers for an Italy increasingly on the crest of the wave and which, with the summer, has already begun to fill the cities of art and, with the summer, is preparing to welcome thousands of tourists from all over the world . (Data source ENIT).


Eurovision it was also an opportunity to tell the whole world about an unprecedented Italy with its countless numbers breathtaking views and less known places. Remember, during the live broadcast of the event, the drone that turned the boot? A winning idea was to match the postcards on Italy to each of the 40 competing countries and to their respective artists, who gave a fresco of Italian wonders.


Results that make us enthusiastic and that give immediate feedback on the enormous potential for promotion of our country and the ferment with which Enit carries out its mission"He declares the Ad Enit Roberta Garibaldi.


What we bring home fromEurovision in Turin it is the even stronger awareness that musical events can be an interesting lever for tourism. Turin has worked very well in this sense, guaranteeing the musical traveler also a series of cultural attractions from museums to popular events that have allowed him to enjoy the city to the fullest. We are sure that in the next few years Turin will register a record attendance. Let it bet?


L'Eurovision Song Contest is an international music festival born in Lugano in 1956 and organized annually by the members of the European Broadcasting Union. Since its first edition in 1956, the competition has been broadcast uninterrupted every year around the world, except for 2020, making it one of the longest-running international music television programs ever. It is also the most followed non-sporting event in the world. This year, the 66th edition, took place in Turin and it was won by the group Ukrainian Kalush Orchestra with the song Stefania