The period of restrictions due to the pandemic has made us all more digital. The need to keep in touch with people and the world created the conditions for exploring new ways of enjoying experiences. From aperitifs to museum tours, from cooking classes to wine tastings, many activities that normally took place live were proposed in online version entering our daily life.

And today, with the restart, the importance of digital it has become a widespread awareness for both operators and travelers.



Some companies, organizations, museums are landed in the online experimenting innovative formats which turned out to be great opportunities for visibility and income. The traveler has experienced new ways of traveling which also include the pre and post travel phase, in an endless experience. In fact, we speak of Neverendign Tourism the possibility of extending the tourist experience before and after the trip, through the use of digital tools. A trend that opens up endlessly opportunities for the entire tourism sector.


esperienze virtuali


Let's get to the heart of online experiences and let's see how they work and why they like them so much.

As already explained in this article Lonline experience it is a real product or activity adapted to the digital format, which can be used remotely, alone or in a group, through the use of digital tools such as computers, mobile phones, tablets that have an Internet connection. In our sector specifically we are talking about virtual city tours, online cooking class, wine tasting. They can be live or on demand. In the first case, a specific date and time is indicated and, those who wish to participate, register in advance and, on the established day, connect to the indicated platform live with your guide or expert. 

Usually for the live connection platforms with Zoom are used which can be used both from PC and from mobile. Online experiences are in most cases paid. The cost is decided by those who propose them and varies according to the type of experience and the duration. 

Why are they becoming more and more popular? Certainly why offer numerous benefits to those who propose them and to those who use them.

Those offering the online experience can:

  • reach new audiences to which with physical experiences it would be difficult to reach if not with huge advertising investments;
  • involve a foreign audience: if the proposed experience is in English it is possible to reach people from different parts of the world;
  • increase their earnings: usually a tour guide works with museums and agencies. By offering online city tours he could expand his business and become an entrepreneur of his own. Or let's take a chef or a food blogger. In addition to collaborating with companies, he could in this way open a new business channel that would increase his notoriety as well as his earnings;
  • increase its visibility and attract new tourists. Unknown and not very touristy locations, small businesses and local realities, thanks to the power of digital, can make themselves known and attract new potential tourists;
  • to promote an innovative way of traveling in line with current trends.
cooking class online

The MAVV Museum of Art, Wine and Vine of Portici (NA)

Federica of Live Virtual Guide
organizes virtual tours to discover the gems of Rome


Also for travelers the benefits are innumerable. If we think that already normally, even in unsuspected times and that is before the pandemic, the journey of the contemporary tourist often begins at home, doing research through blogs, websites and social networks, Instagram profiles, we can therefore understand how much more information can be offer a virtual tour of a city or place you want to visit before the actual trip.


More precisely the tourist can:

  • discover new places from your sofa at home and get a taste of the travel experience that will really be lived;
  • collect important information before travel that help him organize his itinerary. For example, if you are organizing a weekend in Rome to discover its unpublished places, taking part in an online tour of Rome of hidden gems will help you make a selection of places and organize the days available well;
  • contact the farm or winery that you will go and visit in order to create a relationship of trust that will be consolidated at the time of the visit;
  • to better customize the trip according to your needs, tastes and timing. In this way you avoid selecting places boasted by well-known portals and tourist guides and which instead do not reflect your tastes;
  • savor the taste of the journey you have just experienced for example by participating in cooking classes where you learn how to prepare the dishes of the cuisine of the place visited;
  • travel all year round even when he cannot physically, staying comfortably at home.
  • live an endless journey made of continuous discoveries, inspirations and memories.

 Have you ever thought about how many infinite opportunities an online experience in the world of tourism can offer?


We will be launching ours soon innovative platform of Neverending Tourism where we will propose live virtual tour to discover some of the most beautiful Italian cities and unpublished places, online cooking class to learn tricks and secrets of traditional dishes and will also include an e-commerce of typical products. We have taken this new challenge that has arisen in the world of tourism with enthusiasm and we are convinced that it represents a great opportunity on all fronts. Seeing is believing!