August is upon us, it is now time for holidays, beaches, sun, relaxing sea. Are you more of a free beach or an establishment? If you prefer to have all the services and comforts available e spend a day of relaxation and fun in an exclusive location by the sea, the second option is the one for you. However, especially in high season, many establishments are overbooked, you often find yourself queuing up to book umbrellas and sunbeds or a table for lunch, and who knows how many times you have been dissatisfied with the services they provide. How much time wasted and how much stress!  But, today there is to meet us  Riva Booking: an app to book sun beds, umbrellas and all the services offered by the best establishments of our peninsula. AND' the super news of this summer which allows you to go to the sea in complete serenity, avoiding queues and crowds in front of the beaches. What more do you want from life! 

Once again technology comes to meet us and makes our life easier.  Thanks to Riva Booking, indeed you can discover the offer of the most beautiful structures in Italy, prices, restaurant menu, tables for lunch, parking, playground for your children, swimming pools, beach volleyball courts, if you can bring your four-legged friend,  and then also courses, excursions, rental of  boats and rafts and much more! 

The idea is of three young Romans and it was born right in the period of the pandemic, in which  distances, profiling and reservations are now a must. The great Albert Einstein was right when he said that "The crisis is the greatest blessing for people and nations, because the crisis brings progress". Riva Booking is a beautiful example of how opportunity.

The app is  a big breakthrough, not only for tourists, who finally have the opportunity to organize a day at the beach comfortably from their smartphone, without the need to queue under the sun, or wake up early even at the weekend to find a sunbed in the front row, but also for property owners who have an easy and effective tool for managing reservations. Let's explore more in this interview.


Riva Booking
Riva Booking
Riva Booking
Riva Booking



  1. What is the idea of Riva Booking and how was it born?

Riva booking is an app, available free of charge on all platforms and on desktop, to book sun beds, umbrellas and all the services offered by the best establishments on our peninsula. Thanks to Riva Booking, it's possible discover the offer of the most beautiful structures in Italy, what are the prices, what is the restaurant menu, if a table is available for lunch, parking, if you can take your pet to the beach, take sailing, windsurfing, sup courses, rent a boat, have access to the pool area and much, much more! And if you find what is right for you, you can book everything with a simple tap, in total relaxation! From Sicily to Liguria, the app currently has almost 500 beach clubs and it is continuing to expand like wildfire.

The idea stems from the need to have a smart tool to book a sunbed, umbrella and all the services offered by the bathing establishments. The intuition came from our CEO, Yor Balini who, being the owner of a well-known beach club in Ostia, was the first to realize how useful an app like Riva Booking would be.  If we think about it, we have long had applications for booking airplanes, hotels, restaurants, cinemas, scooters, visits to museums and even trips in carpooling mode, but in fact, until last year, there was no functional app. to plan a day at the beach!

2. What feedback did you get?

We have had excellent feedback, Luckily. Everything that helps people to avoid waiting and the risk of not finding a place, everything that is comfort, in short, is always appreciated. All the more so in the Covid era, considering the fear of queues and gatherings.

3. How much do you think digital has helped us in this difficult period?

 Digital is our future. It was strange that there was still no functional app for planning a day at the beach without stress. And it's still not used by everyone. We expect significant growth next year.

4. In your opinion, at what stage is the promotion of tourism and the territory in Italy and what more could be done?

In Italy there is a good promotion of tourism, but still a little bit digital. If trade associations or tourism bodies promoted and encouraged the use of tools such as Riva Booking, they could benefit greatly and even profile tourists, both foreign and Italian, by collecting important information for the definition of tailor-made offers. 

We thank the Riva Booking team for giving us this interesting interview and we wish them a big good luck!




"Our app" - Yor Balini, CEO of Riva Booking tells us - "is not only an easy way to book the services offered by the beach clubs, but also a way to promote the most beautiful locations in our country, attracting healthy tourism. and offering tailor made beach solutions "

It is an app to book sun beds, umbrellas and all the services offered by the best establishments on our peninsula from the comfort of your home and with a simple click. With Riva Booking you can go to the sea in complete serenity, avoiding queues and gatherings in front of the beaches.

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