Do you know who are the new promoters of Italy in the world? According to Coldiretti are the agrichef, a professional figure that in recent times is becoming more and more successful, attracting the attention of passionate about cooking and many tourists discovering local traditions. In five years, also in response to the success that farmhouses are achieving and have achieved in past years, they have even quadrupled.

But who exactly are the agrichefs? 




Let's go into the details of this increasingly requested professional figure.

We know well that the food is the expression of a territory and that behind every dish there is a story made of local culture and traditions. The work of the agrichef becomes important as it contributes to promote and enhance a territory.


In fact, as the word itself suggests, theagrichef he is a peasant cook who works in the kitchens of farmhouses using the products he himself grows on his farm. It therefore combines the agricultural soul with the chef's soul, transforming the products of the earth and promoting the typical products of the place. His work is doubly important: it contributes to disclose local knowledge, peasant traditions and, at the same time, becomes a promoter of the territory through the dishes he prepares paying the utmost attention to the enhancement of products and traditional recipes. The agrichef therefore embodies everything a guest looks for: peasant experience and cooking expertise.


How do you become an agrichef? Since 2017 Coldiretti, as part of the project Friendly Campaign, created the first Agrichef Academy  a school dedicated to training of agritourism operators members or future members of the Campagna Amica Agritourism network. The courses are organized in many Italian regions, often held within the agritourisms themselves, with the aim of making aspirants acquire the knowledge and the title of professional agrichef.  Soon, the agrichef course will be included in the Professional Institutes, also with a mixed Agro-Hotel course. An interesting opportunity for many young people who love this constantly growing and developing sector.




Agritourisms in Italy are on the rise and more and more people are choosing to eat in these structures, because they are looking for quality and authenticity in the dishes And respect for the environment. Eating directly from the producer means having fresh products on the tables that have a close link with the territory, with its history and its culture. The farmhouses are also popular with foreign tourists who, passionate about Italy and its cuisine, are increasingly looking for experiences in contact with the territory and with nature that allows them to get to know the places they visit better. And, they don't just stay and try typical dishes, but they want to learn how to cook Italian, understand the differences between a quality extra virgin olive oil from the cheap one and want to learn about and respect local and regional products.


This trend has favored the birth of many new agritourisms throughout Italy, consequently increasing the demand for agrichef who, with their work, give value to both the agri-food and tourism sectors. In 2019 there were a thousand peasant cooks in all Italian regions of which over fifty were Tuscan, Tuscany being the region with the most agritourisms.


This further explains the success of programs such as "A chef on the farm" the culinary reality show broadcast from 2019 on the Food Network channel, in which chef Roberto Valbuzzi brings to the table the products grown in his garden and the popularity of chefs such as Davide Nanni who, after several experiences in various restaurants, both in Italy and abroad, has returned to his hometown of origin Castrovalva, a village of only 12 inhabitants in the province of L'Aquila where he created his "wild" cuisine made of simple dishes, of the earth, sometimes made literally in the mountains. Davide Nanni also works in his mother's farmhouse bringing local cuisine to the table. Today it has become a social media star, with almost 210 thousand followers between Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok.


In the light of these reflections, we can reiterate that the agrichefs are "the new “genuine influencersof Made in Italy, increasingly sought after by tourists and increasingly protagonists on local and national televisions, promoters of the culture of Italian food in the world.