That the digital is a necessity and no longer an option, it is an established reality. This is true in all sectors, including the cultural one. Particularly in the past couple of years, a innovative way of communicating and promoting cultural heritage through the use of digital technologies.

During the period of restrictions, many museums and archaeological sites they have explored new ways to continue to promote their beauties and keep the relationship with their audience alive. According to Istat 2020 Report, the 73% of Italian museums promoted online fruition activities in 2020. 


Digital has influenced the way we communicate and promotion of many cultural institutions. New content such as Virtual tours, video games, podcasts, social media, many of which remained after the easing of measures and the reopening of the museum sector. Not just online content: museums and archaeological sites have also experimented with innovative ways of living the on-site experience, through the innovative use of technologies.

Virtual Reality, immersive theater, live streaming, they transform museums into engaging places accessible to all, helping the public to understand complex concepts and to enrich their knowledge also with respect to the territory in which they are located. They increase their attractiveness to new audiences, such as children and young people, less inclined to traditional museum visits, there they enhance and take them around the world.



aquinum open heritage
aquinum open heritage

How many cultural assets do we have in Italy that are not known even by the Italians themselves? The Italian heritage is gigantic, even if only a part adopted innovative communication methods and tools, it would also solve the problem of overbooking in many cities of art.

We have powerful communication tools that can bring great value to culture and territories.

Our experience: the Aquinum Open Heritage project.

We at Vivila have always been supporters of this innovative way of communicating culture. The digital technologies they can represent an opportunity for attract new audiences and for offer alternative methods of use, more engaging and interactive.

And with this we refer not only to online content that can integrate the on-site experience, but also to the actual museum visit. An example is the project Aquinum Open Heritage, of which we took care of the communication.

Aquinum Open Heritage is the innovative project of digital archeology to enhance and promote Aquinum, archaeological site located along the via Latina a Castrocielo (Fr). The target is to transform a simple visit to the archaeological area into an immersive and engaging experience, worthy of being remembered and told, in line with the new trends in the museum field.


During the on-site visit, they will be prepared Oculus Quest headsets which, through virtual reality, will allow visitors to take a dip in the past and discover how the ancient Roman city was, to which will be added 360 ° shots of the site and a immersive indoor theater. In order to increase the appeal and fuel the interest and curiosity of the public, a series of dash camera that they will transmit streaming on multiple social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, allowing the use of the site even to those who cannot access it.


We are sure that thanks to this project the archaeological site of Aquinum, still little known, will be able to travel around the world and attract many new tourists, who will find themselves having a fun experience.  

We are very excited to have taken care of the communication of this innovative digital archeology project, which highlights how much the technology at the service of culture can open up a world of opportunity. We believe that adopting innovative communication methods and tools in the museum and archaeological field means promoting it tourism and cultural development of all of our Italy.

Really great progress has been made in recent years, funds have also been invested in the culture sector to encourage this innovation, however there is still a lot to do.  

aquinum open heritage

AQUINUM OPEN HERITAGE is winner of the Call of the Lazio Region "The company makes culture" dedicated to innovative projects to promote cultural heritage through the use of new technologies.

The project is developed by ARS Srl And Cominio Srl and avails itself of the collaboration of LabTAF (Laboratory of Ancient Topography and Photogrammetry) of theUniversity of Salento.


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