Civitacampomarano street art festival
Civitcampomarano street art festival

Civitacampomarano  is a town in the province of Campobasso, until a few years ago, destined for depopulation like many other villages in Italy. The far-sightedness and the will of the Pro Loco of the country "Vincenzo Cuoco"And the availability of one of the most popular Italian street artists, Alice Pasquini, aka AliCè, have contributed to permanently change his destiny. Since 2016 the "CVTà - Street Fest" Festival has been held, an artistic event that involves every year international artists called to paint the walls of the ancient village.

Murals and installations animate the ancient streets of the village bringing beauty and attracting many curious and passionate people. Over 30 walls made by international artists, an open-air museum that has given a tourist impetus to an almost completely depopulated village.
But what exactly is it "CVTà - Street Fest", and how did the idea of using urban art to transform the medieval village and bring it to new life come about? We asked the artist directly, Alice Pasquini creator and artistic director of the festival.

How did the idea of organizing an urban art festival come about?

Civitacampomarano was a medieval village like many in Italy, with its Angevin castle, a village of 300 souls on paper but 100 in reality. An almost completely depopulated place that had never seen tourists until 2018. The idea of the festival was born from a coincidence. I was in New York when I received the email from the President of the Pro Loco “Vincenzo Cuoco”: he asked me to go and paint a wall in the town. What the author of the email didn't know is that my grandfather was born and raised right there where I haven't returned since I was little. It was very exciting to return to the places of his childhood memories and artistically interesting.


What was the first artistic intervention?

He began to paint in all those uninhabited places the life scenes of the past recovered from old historical photos, there where life was gone. After I passed, an article came out on “L'Espresso” and a report on Tg and, from there, the first tourists began to arrive. We therefore thought that the festival could be an attraction for tourism.


How did the idea of using art to revive the village come about?

He decided to organize a festival under my direction. I involved friends and fellow artists who, thanks to their artistic poetics, added value to such a beautiful village. In all these editions, tourists and interest in the country have increased more and more. And, at the same time, various commercial activities have also been born such as a B&B, a bar, a butcher.


How many editions have been organized?

There are five editions and over 30 walls made by artists from all over the world. Since the first year, the attention of the media has been very high, national and local Tg, Press and Radio have talked about CVTà - Street Fest which more than a festival is a real village party. The artists who come to Civitacampomarano are very attached to the place and to the people precisely because it is a festival born from resistance and from the bond with the land.


How was the 2020 edition?

Due to Covid-19, the 2020 edition was a special edition: artists from all over the world in zoom connection with the population created works together with the inhabitants who then created and built them under their supervision. It was a very interesting experimental edition. For this compelling remote edition of the festival, the Polish artist Nespoon, guest of CVTA 'in 2018, could not be missing. his precious crochet work. From that meeting and from that small handicraft jewel, one of the most heartfelt mural works of the festival was born. Crisis left us a few months ago and Nespoon together with the ladies of Civita decided to celebrate that incredible talent with a collective work that literally wants to embrace the whole country.


And what have you organized this year?

Despite the difficulties related to the pandemic, in order to return to breathe a bit of normality, the event is back but with a different guise. We have decided to gather energy and efforts to call artists to Molise Cristian Blanxer together with Victor Garcia Repo And Thiago Mazza, in two different sessions: the Spaniards have been in Civitacampomarano since 17 to 24 June, while the Brazilian has been working since 1st to 7th July.


Do you think that art can represent a driving force for the recovery of our Italy?

I think that art can change things. Street art in vogue over the past 10 years is a social art form. It was the citizens themselves who took an interest in the phenomenon, contributing to its spread. A lot has changed since I started painting on the street twenty years ago. And, in the last year, during the period of restrictions, with the closure of museums and galleries, street art was the only usable art form.

Congratulations indeed to Alice Pasquini for having conceived and coordinated this festival. We hope that Civitacampomarano can become a model to follow and a source of inspiration for many other Italian villages destined for depopulation. Urban art can be an opportunity for rebirth! We thank Alice Pasquini for the interesting interview and good luck for everything!



Civitacampomarano street art festival
Civitacampomarano street art festival
Civitacampomarano street art festival
Civitacampomarano street art festival

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