If today Italy is famous all over the world, it is also thanks to the Italian song.

From opera to Neapolitan song, from patriotic hymns to great post-war successes, from Sanremo to auteur songs, from great cinema to TV successes, Italy has been associated with singing for centuries.

Just cross the border of our country and discover that "To fly"By Domenico Modugno,"Light blue"By Adriano Celentano,"Happiness"By Albano and Romina,"You start making love"By Raffaella Carrà,"When when when"By Tony Renis,"Loneliness”By Laura Pausini, are just some of the many Italian songs that foreigners associate with the Bel Paese.


The Italian song has always contributed to promoting and enhancing the Italian spirit in the world also spreading its culture, its traditions, its customs. Today even more thanks to Canzone Italiana,

a portal that collects two centuries of music, from 1900 to 2000s.


Italian song and it's a real one encyclopedia with the best of Italian songs, the most complete testimony of ours musical heritage, known for its uniqueness around the world. Inside you can find thousands of songs as you can listen for free, a priceless and very precious treasure both for Italians who want to rediscover and deepen their culture, and for foreigners who want to know it better.


The portal it is in fact translated into the main languages of the world English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, German, Russian, and is part of the wider promotion and enhancement of the Bel Paese in the world that has been underway for some time.


The project was born with the collaboration of Ministry of Education and Research, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, the SIAE, FIMI and the Associations of independent producers, authors, performers, musicians, experts, private collectors. The songs present come from the collections ofCentral Institute for Sound and Audiovisual Heritage, progressively implemented in collaboration with public and private archives.


Entering this portal is like taking a dip in the past, from the 1900s to the 2000s, and recalling customs and traditions of our culture, retracing the salient moments of our history and trends that have imposed themselves causing a radical change in culture and in music itself. .


Let's go into the details of the portal to understand what it consists precisely, what we can find and how it is used.


Italian song includes:

  • The ICBSA catalog of published etchings together with unpublished material (especially linked to the popular and demo-ethno-anthropological tradition). These materials can be consulted by genre, author, performer, musician, etc. together with thematic sections (real playlists) and graphic materials of the productions, to offer a more complete panorama of the engraved heritage of the Italian song.
  • The thematic collections which are the result of the organization of the pieces in musical itineraries. These play lists represent a higher level of study and are edited by famous Italian artists and the most important experts in the sector.

The songs from '900 to 1950 are provided in streaming by theInstitute for Sound Heritage, while the others are given on Spotify.


 The portal is divided into four sections:

  • Italian song from the 1900s to 1950s which includes Neapolitan songs, those of the war period, those in dialect, dance music.
  • Italian song from '900 to 2000 which also includes the music of great cinema, TV, author songs, those of festivals such as Sanremo, rock music, that for children.
  • Popular traditions include folk songs from the Italian regions.
  • Special contributions which includes stories, trivia and anecdotes related to hit songs or well-known songwriters.


The richness of this sonic heritage is truly priceless. It is like reading a history book but from the point of view of the song, in which it is also possible to discover interesting treats and curiosities around the birth of a song, or insights on Sanremo, on the political song in '68, on rock and roll in Italy and so on, getting to the heart of this important part of our culture. 


Canzone Italiana is a beautiful project that aims to spread, promote and enhance the heritage cultural Italian in the world making it accessible to all. It is certainly a great opportunity to introduce us Italians and above all to the younger generations, this immense cultural heritage and for many Italian lovers, it is undoubtedly an interesting opportunity to discover Italy, with its history, the its culture, its uses and customs, all for free.


canzone italiana



Italian song is a platform for online listening to the priceless sound heritage of over a century of Italian song, from 1900 to 2000 and was created with the aim of spreading this important part of our culture to a multigenerational target both Italians and foreigners who love the beautiful country. You can also follow Canzone Italiana on Facebook And Instagram.

canzone italiana