Last weekend Vivila's team met in Ciociaria. We finally saw each other in person, we worked together and enjoyed the beauties and delicacies of this fantastic land. But above all we lived two days full of interesting ideas that we treasured.

The opportunity was given to us by the conference "Aquinum: mighty city of water"And the presentation of the XIV Excavation Campaign held on June 18 at the archaeological site of Aquinum, in the context of European Days of Archeology.

vivila team
Team Vivila DMC



During the event we visited the site and we were able to take a dip in the past, thanks to immersive theater and to viewers Oculus, who showed us what the ancient Roman city was like. Technologies, the latter, fielded by Aquinum Open Heritage, innovative digital archeology project realized thanks to a call from the Lazio Region, which aims to promote and enhance the archaeological site of Aquinum in an engaging and interactive way, making it accessible to all. Thanks to Aquinum Open Heritage a simple visit turns into an immersive experience which offers different points of view of the site itself and allows you to discover the surrounding area with its history and its immense heritage.


We at Vivila took care of the communication and promotion of the entire project, of which we share values and methodologies. We have accepted this challenge with determination, also convinced that the'innovation it is the only way to go in this sector to rejuvenate it and make it attractive to a young target, essential for the enhancement and promotion of cultural heritage and the territory.



Sito Archeologico di Aquinum

, a la Aquinum: concrete example of the enhancement of the territory


The event highlighted once again the strategic importance of Aquinum archaeological site for the enhancement and promotion of the territory and for the development of tourism. It is in fact a place of primary importance in Lazio, the largest excavation in Italy after those of Pompeii and Ostia, as well as being a reference center for the training of young archaeologists.


Every year in the summer, thanks to the collaboration with the LABTAF of the University of Salento, the excavation campaign opens involving many students from Italian and European universities. This year the campaign will start in July (we are at XIV excavation campaign) and will involve  60 students. Think of the positive impact that the arrival of these students can bring to the area, in the period in which the excavation activity will take place. People who have the opportunity, thanks to this experience, not only to train but also to discover and explore a wonderful area like Ciociaria and become the first ambassadors and promoters of the area. 


The archaeological site of Aquinum has made a concrete contribution in terms of value creation on the territory, not only related to the growth and training of young archaeologists, but also to the tourism sector, with the presence of a point of attraction permanently usable and atoccupational, thanks to the use of local resources and social for the enhancement of the territory.


Aquinum's experience teaches us how fundamental it is be aware of the value of assets that you have available. But above all it teaches us the need to correctly communicate and promote this great wealth. Unfortunately, many administrations are short-sighted or pretend to be, missing out on great opportunities in terms of tourism and economic activities. With all the immense patrimony of cultural heritage, history, art and traditions that we Italians have, we could live on tourism alone if everyone knew how to recognize the importance of what they have, and if everyone knew how to seize the opportunities that arise. Let's talk about funds made available by the Ministry of Tourism for the resumption of post-pandemic tourism, unmissable opportunities for the regeneration of villages and for the promotion of still little-known territories.


The project Aquinum Open Heritage it is part of this awareness perspective, in which the innovation factor plays a decisive role in making the Ciociara archaeological site attractive and contributing to the tourist development of the whole territory.


At the end of the excavation campaign, the Open Day at the archaeological site where guided tours will be provided. Keep an eye out the site and social channels (Instagram and Facebook) to be updated. And, great news, the Aquinum site will enter the Mickey Mouse comic on October 26th, with a competition that will involve Italian schools. Another interesting way of promoting the area.


We want to thank, for the great opportunity that has been given to us, Cominio Srl and all those who have contributed to making this possible: Ars srl, the prof. Giuseppe Ceraudo, Full Professor (sector s / d Ancient Topography) at the Department of Cultural Heritage of the University of Salento in Lecce, and Scientific Director of the Aquinum Open Heritage project, the Municipality of Castrocielo And Giovanni Murro, archaeologist and project coordinator.


Aquinum Open heritage

AQUINUM OPEN HERITAGE is winner of the Call of the Lazio Region "The company makes culture" dedicated to innovative projects to promote cultural heritage through the use of new technologies.

The project is developed by ARS Srl And Cominio Srl and avails itself of the collaboration of LabTAF (Laboratory of Ancient Topography and Photogrammetry) of theUniversity of Salento.


For more information visit the site and follow Aquinum Open Heritage on Facebook And Instagram.


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