Aquinum Open Heritage is the innovative project of digital archeology aimed at enhancing and promoting Aquinum, a site of primary importance for the Liri Valley and southern Lazio, located along the via Latina a Castrocielo (Fr). The archaeological site has chosen a innovative and unconventional way of communicating, through the use of digital tools and interactive and engaging modes of use, such as 3d reconstructions and immersive visualization, in line with the new trends in museographic-cultural communication.


For the management and coordination of the communication of the entire project, Aquinum Open Heritage he entrusted himself to us at Vivila, engaged from 2020 in the enhancement and promotion of the territories through a strategic approach and innovative methodologies.

Aquinum Open heritage
Aquinum Open Heritage

We are very happy with this collaboration and feel a great elective affinity with this project. We also aim at allinnovation in the promotion and enhancement of the territories and we believe that the use of technology and digital tools, putting the visitor at the center, represent a potential driving force for tourism and cultural development for all of our Italy. 

Aquinum Open heritage_
Aquinum Open Heritage

The Covid-19 emergency presented us with a difficult, demanding challenge, but also full of opportunities. It has allowed us to grasp the potential of digital and new technologies and to understand the importance of innovating and modernizing the tourism sector. The the most relevant phenomenon was recorded above all in the museum area that led to a decisive push to digitization. Today, therefore, Linnovation is no longer an option but becomes central to relaunching post-pandemic tourism.

We at Vivila have understood this need well and for this reason we have accepted the collaboration with Aquinum Open Heritage with great enthusiasm.

Spectacularization of the archaeological experience, enhancement and promotion in real time of monumental, archaeological or historical-naturalistic contexts represent a growing trend and this project is the clear demonstration of this.

Aquinum Open heritage

AQUINUM OPEN HERITAGE is winner of the Call of the Lazio Region "The company makes culture" dedicated to innovative projects to promote cultural heritage through the use of new technologies.

The project is developed by ARS Srl And Cominio Srl and avails itself of the collaboration of LabTAF (Laboratory of Ancient Topography and Photogrammetry) of theUniversity of Salento.


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