Italy is a wonderful land full of small villages characteristics that risk abandonment and depopulation, however. If we stop and think for a moment, we realize the richness of cultural, historical and artistic heritage that we have and that unfortunately we risk losing completely. Fortunately, at the end of 2021, the Ministry of Culture launched the Small Villages Call in the context of National Recovery and Resilience Plan thanks to which today, 21 Italian villages will come back to life.

In this first stage have been selected 21 pilot projects, one for each Region, which will receive funding from 20 million euros.


The announcement "Small Villages" it is great news for our country due to the type of projects and the involvement of the parties. "The interventions will concern not only the recovery of the historical and artistic heritage of these wonderful places but also the identification of a specific vocation and on this point the Regions have implemented virtuous mechanisms and chosen an overall design"- said so Dario Franceschini, Minister of Culture.


It is therefore a great one opportunity for rebirth for many villages at risk of depopulation and abandonment and also an opportunity to enhance entire territories still little known.


The 28 and 29 May the FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano) will collaborate with the territories to tell, make them visitable and allow you to discover the 21 selected villages.

What are the selected projects? Give it widespread hotels in historical places ai coworking, give her educational activities ai cultural itineraries, from the enhancement of historic buildings with the help of digital technologies ai spaces for the elderly, for film activities and cultural startups, give her artist residencies at the creation of cycle and pedestrian paths. All projects that will bring employment, tourists and new life to these villages otherwise destined for depopulation. Who knows, maybe it could be an opportunity to bring back many young people who have gone elsewhere to look for work.

This first phase of the call will be followed by a second which will aim at the realization of local cultural regeneration projects which will at least involve 229 historic villages. There have been many applications, 1,800 presented by the Municipalities, in single or aggregate form, a great success of this brand new call. They have been earmarked for this phase 380 million of which 1.65 million euros per hamlet. The allocation of resources will take place by May 2022. Subsequently, another 200 million euros will be allocated for businesses that will carry out cultural tourism, commercial, agri-food and craft activities in the 229 historic villages that will receive the funding.

 Download the pdf to know the complete list of the 21 selected villages.

TO this link you can read the official press release of the Ministry of Culture
on the occasion of the launch of the National Villages Plan.